CPH: 2: Complex Stand Fee (Rate per stand)

900.00 €
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CPH: 2: Complex Stand Fee (Rate per stand)DDC - or Double-Deck Checks are required by the Organisers, Venue and Local Inspecting Authority for this event. At AbraxysGlobal we are required to perform checks for conformity on the likely structural integrity, layout and materials used to construct your stand, as well other factors. Once your stand meets the Legal and Event regulations you will be issued with a 'Permission to Commence Build' certificate, which allows you to start building the stand at the event. Please note that on-site inspections will take place to ensure that the structure is as submitted. Please note that the DDC fee must be paid (in addition to the SPI fee and any other mandatory fees) before a PCB can be issued. You will not be allowed to start build up unless the fee has been paid and plans are at PCB stage.