HiNi: 3: Professional RA (Rate per m2)

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You have a legal requirement to produce a site-specific Risk Assessment for you attendance at the show - assessing all the likely risks and stating the control measures you have in place to mitigate them. With a few simple questions, we can do this for you. Like Method Statements, the charges are a simple £5.00 + VAT per square metre of the stand space you have booked. The maximum charge is £250.00 + VAT, regardless of your stand size, so enter the number of square metres you have booked, up to a maximum of 50! Once you have ordered, we will be in touch shortly to ask you more about your plans.

Rate is quoted at 5 GBP per square metre of the stand you have booked. In 'Quantity' on the next page, please enter the number of square meters you have booked. Maximum charge £250-00 or Euro equivalent.