18: CPHI: 9-11 October 2018: Madrid

427.00 €
CPH: 1: Mandatory Compliance Pack (Rate per stand)

CPhI - Madrid

Mandatory Compliance Pack
 for all 'Space Only' stand holders.

All Space Only stands at the show must pay this fee. This covers the requirement to inspect your stand design for legal and event compliance - both in terms of construction and sustainability. If you would like further information, please click the 'Details' button above.

Permission to Commence Build cannot be given until the Compliance Fee has been paid.
900.00 €

Mandatory for all stands deemed by the Organisers or Venue to be 'Complex'.

Permission to Commence Build cannot be given until the DDC Fee has been paid.
6.50 €

You have a legal requirement to supply a sufficient Risk Assessment for your attendance at the show.

Click 'details' to see how we can make this process much easier by producing this for you - freeing up time & ensuring you comply...
6.50 €

Risk Assessments, you must produce a site-specific Method Statement for your attendance at the show. However, why spend valuable time on paperwork when the professionals can produce it for you? Click 'Details' to learn more...